Second Source FFF compatible device to DDC 1553 MiniACE and Enhanced MiniACE

MIL-STD-1553 Component, IC, Chip

Looking to eliminate 1553 terminal single source risks, reduce costs and control manufacturing?

The OCTAVA™ family offers a form, fit and function compatibility with DDC® MiniACE™ or Enhanced MiniACE™ product families. Customer licensing the OCTAVA design gain self manufacturing capabilities for their 1553 devices while sourcing the BOM from multiple sources and at a reduced price.

The OCTAVA integrates a Mil-Std-1553B protocol engine, a dual 5-volt transceiver, memory management, processor interface logic and 4K or 64K words of RAM in a 72 pin Plastic Quad Flat Pack (PQFP) package.

The OCTAVA™ devices are pin-to-pin, FFF compatible devices for the DDC® MiniACE and Enhanced MiniACE devices.


BU-65178, BU-61588, BU-65179, BU-61688, BU-61689, BU-61743, BU-61745, BU-61843, BU-61845, BU-61864, BU-61865

OCTAVA offers a software and electrical compatible solution. A board designed with the DDC® MiniACE™ or Enhanced MiniACE™ can work seamlessly with the OCT-65178 and OCT-61688 without hardware or software changes.

  • Fully integrated Mil-Std-1553B compliant terminal
  • Second source FFF compatiable for DDC® MiniACE® and Ehnaced MiniACE®
  • Compatible with the following devices: BU-65178, BU-61588, BU-65179, BU-61688, BU-61689, BU-61743, BU-61745, BU-61843, BU-61845, BU-61864, BU-61865
  • Flexible processor/memory interface
  • 4K x16, 8K x16, 64K x 16 shared RAM
  • 5V only option
  • Simultaneous RT/MT mode
  • Bootable RT option required for Mil-Std-1760
  • Automatic BC retries
  • Programmable message illegalization
  • Operates from 12, 16 or 20 MHz
  • 72 pins PQFP 1.3 square inch package
  • Improved Power Dissipation
  • Licensed Board Schematic, BOM and IP for self-manufacutring

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Safe and Secure DataBus Solutions

Sital’s cutting-edge, innovative “SnS” Technology is designed for IP Core’s physical layer. Our solutions offer unprecedented cyber security and DataBus fault finder capabilities.


We supply our products with DO-254 and DO-178 certifiability, including DAL A. Our partners: Logicircuit and ConsuNova provide the DO-254 and DO-178 artifacts. Through enhanced physical layer monitoring, the patented “SnS” analyzes all DataBus messages and provides 2 unique capabilities.

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