Secured Databus

Secured 1553, ARINC825 and CAN bus IP

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25 years of producing better data bus communication


Space borne products, validated for the most extreme environments

Wiring Fault Detection

Eliminate “No Trouble Found” problems in cars and aircrafts

About Us

Sital’s mission is to provide safe and secure databus communication solutions. Our worldwide customers rely on Sital’s novelty to resolve the most challenging data bus problems while optimizing production quality and cost.

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Automotive Hardware Cyber Security for Wired Networks

Sital’s hardware chipset for physical finger printing of in-vehicle wired network communications provides real-time detection of malicious cyber attacks and physical circuit failures

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sital technology, vehicle, 1553 coupler


Secured MIL-STD-1553B, ARINC429 and ARINC825 Products

Safe and Secure FPGA IP cores, Interface cards, testers and couplers for avionics wired communication

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