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Sital’s mission is to provide safe & secure DataBus Communication Solutions.

Our worldwide customers rely on Sital’s novelty to resolve the most challenging DataBus problems while optimizing production, quality, and cost.

Sital offers the best-in-class IP cores for 1553 and specializes in integrated FPGA solutions. Our IP cores can work with any FPGA and are designed for accelerated processing. They are highly parallelized, allowing for multiple operations to be executed simultaneously. Our IP cores’ high compliance and efficient FPGA integration make Sital’s FPGA solutions the fastest in the market.

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Secured Data-Bus

Cyber Security
On The Physical Layer
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Wire Fault Detection

Bus Faults Detection
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+25 Years Of Producing
Top Data-Bus Communication Solutions
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Space Grade Products, Validated
For The Most Extreme Environments

When Mil-Std-1553 went into outer space with NASA, Sital extended its capabilities into aerospace applications. Today, space vehicles from North America and Europe are benefiting from the high-performance and robust hardware and software produced by the company.

Working with leading automotive manufacturers, Sital has applied its avionics and aerospace expertise to the rapidly growing automobile bus market. CAN bus applications are making major advances based on Sital’s extraordinary ability to apply its capabilities and products to the ever-increasing demands of automotive bus applications.

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Our Mission

To Provide Smart, Robust and Affordable Solutions for High-Reliability Communication Buses

Sital's Best Selling Solutions

For over 25 years, we have been developing reliable products proudly made in the USA.


Our products have been tested in the operational field under the strictest conditions.


We work closely with our partners to meet your needs. We have AMD/Xilinx and Lattice on board to provide turnkey FPGA/MCU design solutions. Micross for their reliable components, as well as Logicircuit and ConsuNova to equip us with DO-254 and DO-178 artifacts for your hardware and software development.


Together, our services are extensive to develop custom solutions based on your needs.


Sital’s Advanced DataBus Fault Finder


Sital’s “SnS” Technology is indispensable for identifying and diagnosing faults in complex DataBus networks, including MIL-STD-1553, CAN, and other critical communication buses. This technology offers ongoing, real-time detection and pinpointing of intermittent or continuous open or short circuit faults in various components such as data bus cables, bus couplers, connectors, stubs, LRUs, and bus terminators.


Whether it’s intermittent faults, signal integrity issues, or complete system failures, our solutions are designed to pinpoint the root cause quickly and accurately.


This capability not only reduces downtime but also ensures the robustness and reliability of your systems. It reflects Sital’s commitment to providing smart, robust, and affordable solutions for high-reliability communication buses.


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