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CAN Bus (FD) and ARINC-825

CAN bus for Military Avionics, Ground Vehicles, and Automotive manufacturers need SITAL’s protection from Cyber threats.

Automotive and Military Ground Vehicle and Avionics need protection and also benefit from Wire Fault detection and location of SITAL’s “SnS’ (Safe and Secure Technology)

Avionics CAN is ARINC-825. Also most important to have the safety features of “SnS”

Sital’s solutions support 11-bit and 29-bit CAN messaging and provides capability for transmitting and receiving messages for various lower-level and higher-layer protocols, including:

  • ISO-11898-5
  • CAN 2.0
  • CAN-FD
  • ARINC-825-4
  • CANopen
  • SAE J1939
  • DeviceNet4

They can operate at data rates up to 4 Mb/s and provide configurable options to support CAN bus and ARINC-825-4 standards.

For CAN Bus and ARINC-825, Sital offers IP and board-level solutions.

These all support Standard, Extended and Remote Frames, includes:

  • 8-bit Message_ID filter, with filtering based on the Message ID and first two data bytes
  • Power Monitor (listen-only) mode
  • 8-message Transmit and Receive FIFOs
  • Loopback mode for self-test capability to enable or disable message re-transmission.

Again to Summize

CAN bus, CAN-FD and ARINC-825 interfaces are used on military ground vehicles, commercial cars, trucks, and a variety of industrial applications.

Our Safe and Secure (SnS) technology satisfies the needs for both cyber authentication along with providing capability to detect and locate electrical faults in CAN data buses.

In approximately the first four seconds following power-up, Sital’s SnS sensor undergoes a learning” process performs continuous physical layer monitoring.

These received signals are from all nodes on the bus.

Out of this, the sensor and API software compute the “fingerprints” or “signatures” for all nodes on the data bus.

Following that, the sensor monitors all received messages and looks for instances where message’s fingerprints don’t match the expected fingerprint.

These mismatches indicate either a cyber “spoofing” (or impersonation) authentication violation or an electrical fault condition.

The latter includes intermittent or continuous open or short circuits in either the bus cable, a stub cable, connector, LRU or bus termination.

Further, the SnS is able to determine the specific type of open or short circuit, along with its approximate location.

Following detection of either a cyber authentication violation or an electrical fault condition, the SnS API will immediately inform the application software about the detected condition.

In either case, it is then up to the system’s “security playbook” software to take the appropriate system-level action.


Sital is an AMD/Xilinx solutions partner



The Sital CAN IP is an industry standard, Bosch CAN protocol compliant IP core for FPGA and ASIC design implementations.

The Sital safe and secure CAN IP (“SnS CAN”) has built in cyber resilience and network health monitoring technologies to ensure the highest Databus reliability and protection for autonomous vehicle ECUs, UAVs, Aerospace Avionics and Industrial applications.

The Sital SnS CAN is world’s first high resilience CAN IP offered in a licensed business model supporting  hardware vendor independence, cost management and CAN node optimization.

Sital is an AMD/Xilinx solutions partner

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    CAN/FD BUS and ARINC-825-4 Solutions

    Sital Technology manufactures a number of high-quality solutions for the CAN/FD BUS/ARINC-825-4 Protocols.

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    Safe and Secure
    for CAN/FD BUS and ARINC-825-4

    For most of its CAN/FD BUS and ARINC-825-4 solutions, Sital offers an option for its Safe and Secure (SnS) Technology. By means of enhanced physical layer signal monitoring, Sital’s SnS provides continuous cyber authentication for detecting “spoofing” (or impersonating) nodes on 1553 buses. In addition, Sital’s SnS also provides electrical fault detection. This enables detection and locating of faults such as intermittent or continuous open or short circuits in data bus and stub cabling, couplers, connectors, connected LRUs and termination resistors.

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