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Portable USB CAN analyzer with SnS capabilities

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Sital Technology’s CAN Sequencer GRIP and PhysiCAN SnS GRIP are portable USB Boards for CAN bus and ARINC-825-4. The PhysiCAN SnS GRIP version includes Sital’s patented Safe and Secure (SnS) technology.

Both boards support 11-bit and 29-bit CAN messaging and provide capability for transmitting and receiving messages for various lower-level and higher-layer protocols including ISO-11898, CAN 2.0, CAN-FD, ARINC-825-4, CANopen, SAE J1939, and DeviceNet4. The boards, which can operate at data rates up to 4 Mb/s, include configurable options to support CAN bus, CAN-FD and ARINC-825-4 standards.

The CAN Sequencer GRIP implements basic communication, with capability to send and receive CAN bus frames. This board provides 11-bit and 29-bit CAN messaging and can operate at data rates up to 4 Mb/s. The CAN Sequencer board can send and receive Standard, Extended and Remote frames and includes a maskable 8-bit Message_ID filter, with filtering based on the Message ID and first two data bytes; a power Monitor (listen-only) mode; 8-message Transmit and Receive FIFOs; loopback mode for self-test, and capability to enable or disable message re-transmission.

In addition to providing the basic communication capabilities of the CAN Sequencer GRIP, the PhysiCAN SnS GRIP version also includes Sital’s Safe and Secure (SnS) technology. By means of enhanced physical layer monitoring, Sital’s SnS electrical fault detection feature provides continuous fault monitoring, enabling the detection and location of intermittent open-circuit and short circuit faults in cables, connectors, bus terminators and connected ECUs. By detecting and locating such faults at an early stage, this enables preventive maintenance, prior to the occurrence of continuous, catastrophic failures. A roadmap feature for the PhysiCAN SnS GRIP is for the addition of continuous real-time detection of cyber authentication “spoofing” (impersonation) violations.

Both versions of the board come with Windows API/library software. In addition, for the PhysiCAN SnS GRIP version of the board, Sital also provides:

  1. Sital’s PhysiCAN app is a graphical user interface (GUI) tool for real-time CAN bus physical layer fault monitoring and cybersecurity. Users are able to enter their bus topology data into the GUI by means of a simple text format. The app uses the PhysiCAN SnS GRIP to detect and locate intermittent or continuous electrical faults and indicate its findings as notifications on a diagram of the monitored CAN bus’s topology. Future releases of the PhysiCAN app will include cyber authentication capability, thereby enabling the detection of “spoofing” (Impersonating) messages by enhanced monitoring of all message fingerprints (or signatures) at the physical layer.
  2. API/library source code, allowing users to customize the SnS software to meet the specific requirements for their applications.

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  • Configurable to support CAN 2.0, CAN-FD, ARINC-825-4, ISO-11898, CANopen, SAE J1939 and DeviceNet4
  • Supports Standard, Extended and Remote CAN frames
  • Provides 8 maskable identifier filters, with filtering on Message_ID and first two data bytes for both Standard and Extended Identifiers
  • Loopback mode for self-test
  • 8-message Transmit and Receive FIFOs
  • For PhysiCAN SnS GRIP version:
    • Sital Safe and Secure (SnS) technology to detect and locate open and short circuit faults
    • Roadmap feature to also detect “spoofing” (impersonation) authentication violations
  • Windows API/library/driver
  • For PhysiCAN SnS GRIP version, PhysiCAN app Windows GUI software

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Safe and Secure DataBus Solutions

Sital’s cutting-edge, innovative “SnS” Technology is designed for IP Core’s physical layer. Our solutions offer unprecedented cyber security and DataBus fault finder capabilities.


We supply our products with DO-254 and DO-178 certifiability, including DAL A. Our partners: Logicircuit and ConsuNova provide the DO-254 and DO-178 artifacts. Through enhanced physical layer monitoring, the patented “SnS” analyzes all DataBus messages and provides 2 unique capabilities.

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