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Sital Technology is a leading provider of digital IP cores and software for avionic data bus products. Sital specializes in robust, high reliability implementations of MIL-STD-1553B, ARINC-825/CAN bus, ARINC-429 and EBR-1553 IP cores and accompanying software for both the commercial and defense sectors including aerospace radiation hardened requirements.

DO-254 IP Cores and DO-178 Software Drivers

Sital has partnered with 3rd party  leading DO-254 certification provider, to create the most cost-effective DO-254 certified IP and DO-178 software option for avionic data bus communication.

Ultimately, part of Sital’s relationship with our 3rd party Artifact andverification houses assure customers looking for DO-254 certifiable IP and DO-178 certifiable software.

As well as, being able to obtain the IP licenses and software from Sital Technology and the DO-254.

Sital prefers to use  3rd party artifacts from leading industry verification professionals because they are the experts in creating these documents and have DER’s on there premises.

As well as, this partnership provides high expertise fusion between these 3rd part Artifact and desig verification houses and Sital Technology to support all customer requirements

This is to expedite product development and provide a source of quality and knowledge during the verification process.

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DO-254/DO-178 Business Model

  1. Licensing the Sital IP and software for DO-254 and DO-178 certifiability.
    1. a. For digital IP cores, VHDL netlist is available from day 1 for development process
  2. Licensing (Sponsor/Customer) DO-254 and DO-178 service from LogiCircuit for Sital IP cores
    and software API/library/drivers.
  3. Sital and Logicircuit work together to certify the IP cores and software and deliver the artifacts to
    the licensee.
  4. Ordering runtime licenses for certifiable IP from Sital technology.


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