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ARINC-429 Solutions

ARINC-429 IP and Multi-I/O board products include many interfaces.

Sital’s ARINC-429 IP core is fully compliant to the ARINC-429 standard. Sital can supply its ARINC-429 IP cores with up to 16 transmit channel and 16 receive channels, with data rate programmable for all channels (12.5 or 100 Kbps). By means of a proprietary technique, Sital can reduce the logic resource requirements by up to 70% for multi-channel ARINC-429 implementations.

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These boards come with varying numbers of ARINC-429 transmit and receive channels, as well as many form factors for these boards and testers are:

Sital Technology’s BRDSBC429 FPGA-based single board computer (SBC) is a series of 3U VPX boards providing different mixes of I/Os.

The board includes an FPGA-based computer consisting of an ARM Cortex processor integrated on a Zynq Ultrascale+ FPGA. The board also includes up to 32 ARINC-429 receive channels, 16 ARINC-429 receive channels, along with several other on-board interfaces.

In addition to these boards available is also channels for MIL-STD-1553, including options of (SnS) Sital’s Safe and Secure sensor Complete with cyber-attack capability.

In addition, many of the boards also include interface options for EBR-1553, 16PP194, H009, discrete I/O, RS-422/485, IRIB-B timing.

Lastly, a 2-channel oscilloscope option is available.

All these boards come with both Windows and Linux API/library/driver software.

The tester versions of these boards also come with the COMposer GUI software:

The COMposer GUI supports simulation, test and monitoring applications by enabling users to configure the transmission of messages by programming the messages to be transmitted in graphical format.

Finally, regarding COMposer it enables monitored (received) data to be displayed using engineering units in either numerical, graphical or as avionics instrument displays.

Sital Technology and Hardware Engineering, Ltd. is a Xilinx Solutions partner (

ARINC429 Analyzer with PCI‏ BRD429PCI‏

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    ARINC 429 Solutions

    Sital Technology manufactures a number of high-quality solutions for the ARINC 429 protocol.


    ARINC 429 Safe and Secure

    For most of its ARINC 429 solutions, Sital offers an option for its Safe and Secure (SnS) Technology. By means of enhanced physical layer signal monitoring, Sital’s SnS provides continuous cyber authentication for detecting “spoofing” (or impersonating) nodes on 429 buses. In addition, Sital’s SnS also provides electrical fault detection. This enables detection and locating of faults such as intermittent or continuous open or short circuits in data bus and stub cabling, couplers, connectors, connected LRUs and termination resistors.

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