FPS Evaluation Board for CAN/CAN-FD Cyber Protection

What is the FPS-EVB?

Sital's Finger Printing Sensor (FPS) is a compact, cost effective and feature rich solution to monitor CAN and CAN-FD networks for security threats and physical wiring faults.

Evaluating a cyber security solution for an in-vehicle network such as CAN bus is a cumbersome process requiring major preparation, time and budget. 

For the first time automotive OEMs and Tier-1s can quickly evaluate and test a CAN/CAN-FD cyber security solution such as the FPS without the hassles of immature clunky solutions. All you need is a vehicle network (Real or lab car) and physical access to the CAN/CAN-FD domain.



FPS Evaluation and Development Board


FPS EVB Features

  • Monitors up to 4 CAN/CAN-FD domains at the same time
  • Support for 500-1000 kilohertz networks
  • Fully implements the FPS hardware cyber security (see FPS for details)
  • Rugged case for installment in vehicles for in-drive testing
  • Serial/D-type/OBD interface to CAN/CAN-FD networks
  • USB interface for PC software for configuration, monitoring and session recording
  • On board activity indication modes
  • Supports detection only mode
  • Support real-time prevention mode

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    CAN NINJA DatasheetFPS EVB Datasheet

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