CAN/CAN-FD Cyber Attacker

What is the CAN NINJA?

Automotive communication networks are complex and unique in their topology, protocols and stringent computing resources. Developing or evaluating the right cyber protection strategy under such circumstances requires expensive setup and experimentation which often leads to long development times and superficial testing and qualification plans. 

The CAN NINJA is the world's first dedicated solution to deploy complex attacks on CAN/CAN-FD networks, record the results and conveniently analyze the protection strategies for the network. 

For the first time, automotive cyber security developers can rapidly setup complex attack scenarios, execute them in real world conditions and enjoy instant feedback saving costly development, evaluation and testing resources





CAN Ninja SW and HW

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    CAN NINJA DatasheetFPS EVB Datasheet

    CAN Ninja Website

    Multi-Network SimulatorCyber AttackerBus Recorder and Analyzer

    CAN-NINJA Features

    • Full CAN/CAN-FD test and simulation environment for up 4 networks simultaneously 
    • Rugged hardware for bench car and real vehicle use
    • Support for 4 CAN/CAN-FD simultaneous channels  
    • Supports multiple types of attack vectors including: 
      • Periodic / Synchronous message attack 
      • Event / Asynchronous message attack 
      • Real-time Message Invalidation
      • Man In The Middle (MITM) attack
      • Denial of Service Attack
      • Message Spoofing
      • DLC Manipulation
      • Cross Network/Domain attack
    • Real-time message monitoring and logging
    • Real-time hardware based attack execution
    • Powerful software for multiple attack setup including complex scenarios
    • Instant Graphical feedback for attack execution results
    • Export to standard CSV files for further analysis

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