SITAL’s 1553 coupler (CPLR1553STL-06) is a dual, three stub MIL-STD-1553 coupler. Each coupler has an optional internal termination.The coupler is designed to provide 3 stubs with termination for bus A, another for B, or concatenated to a single 6 stub coupler for a single bus. The coupler offers a unique, innovative low profile mechanical structure that supports PCI & cPCI (PXI) mechanical fitting. This feature enables denser and optimized organization of rack mounted testers. All connections and termination enablement is via a standard D-Type 25 plug. When termination is engaged, an LED lights up during live messaging, reflecting bus activity and utilization.
    • Can be configured as a single 6-Stub coupler
    • MIL-PRF 21038/27 Internal Transformers
    • Excellent performance encapsulating new technologies
    • Unique PCI or cPCI Rack Assemblies Fitting
    • Flexible Mechanical support for other rack assembly Fitting
    • Lower system cost – saves wires & Triax plugs
    • Low profile & Light Weight
    • LED activity indication per terminated coupler
    • Epoxy casting and finish for lifetime support

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  • CPLR1553STL-06
    Description: Dual 3-Stub 1553 coupler

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