Minuet: 8/17 mm MIL-STD-1553B BC/RT/MT Protocol engine device


Minuet™ is a family of 8mm or 17mm Square, standalone, Mil-Std-1553B protocol terminals, which include Bus Controller (BC), Remote Terminal (RT) and Monitor (MT). Depending on the configuration, Minuet can be configured as BC/RT+MT or RT+MT.

Minuet™ devices are software compatible to DDC® Enhanced MiniACE® components and architecture, with 8K or 16K Words of internal memory.

Operating Clock frequency is flexible. A wide range of frequencies are available, and selectable by writing to a register within the device. This Eliminates long bus cycles and reduces EMI/RFI problems, often caused by multiple clock domains on boards.
When using PCI intreface then Minuet™ uses the 66 or 33MHz clock provided by the PCI bus, so no additional clock is required.

Customers can select between Local Bus or PCI interface, supporting 32 bits PCI burst mode for very fast data transfer to and from the device.

Key Features and Benefits
MIL-STD-1553B Notice 2 compliant terminals.
Software compatible to DDC® Enhanced MiniACE®.
Smallest solution available – 8x8mm or 17x17mm BGA.
PCI or Local Bus interface.
3.3V and 1.2V operation, very low power consumption.
Operates from wide range of clock frequencies.
Flexible pinout configuration for easy PCB Layout.
Very fast access 8Kx16 or 16K x 16 bits Shared RAM.
Bootable RT option required for MIL-STD-1760.
Simultaneous RT/MT Mode.
Very low cost.
PCI Evaluation board available.

Back-End Interface
The Minuet™ family is built of a Non-volatile Flash based Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) which is pre-loaded with Sital’s proven DDC® compatible IP core for Mil-Std-1553 interface, and Sital’s PCI Target core.
Customers can select between local CPU bus interface or connect directly to a PCI bus. Customers can also request special pins configuration, to better accommodate customer’s PCB layout.
The memory and registers management scheme is compatible to DDC® Enhanced Mini ACE®, so that existing software drivers, developed for DDC® components, can work seamlessly with Minuet™ devices. The Minuet™ devices can optionally boot-up as a RT with the Busy bit set for 1760 applications.

Interface to the 1553 Bus
The Minuet™ components require external 1553 Transceiver and a coupling transformer.
Minuet™ can work with any existing 1553 transceiver. Yet, together with National Hybrid’s (NHI) BUS+, Transceiver and Transformer packed together, this is the smallest available total solution for 1553 bus. It can also work with Sital’s Discrete Transceiver design, for cost saving.
A “Transceiver_Select” pin is used to select between a standard transceiver and Sital’s Discrete transceiver.