February 2023: we celebrate 28 years!

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28 years ago we started with lecturing on how to develop HDL HardWare to small groups of engineers in Israel…

While working, we realized the huge potential in our unique professional knowledge…! We then took it to the next level by developing our own data-bus protocols and products.
And now, even after 14 years of orbiting the moon, our Mil-Std-1553B is functioning with Zero resets inside NASA’s satellites !

From there, we continued with hard R&D work and drilled down to the physical layer signals of our data-bus protocols, and came up with 2 edge innovations:
1. Wiring fault detection: possible even on-flight and in super high resolution !
2. Data-bus cyber security: embedded HardWare protection against cyber attacks on both Automotive (CAN-bus) and Avionics (MIL-STD-1553) Industries !

SITAL Technology proud to provide worldwide the world’s most secure and advanced military standard databus products.
And looking forward, as always, to lead the industries to a “Safe & Secure” future…

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