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EBR-1553 is a 10Mbps bit rate protocol which utilized the robust Mil-Std-1553 protocol over RS-485 transceivers in a hub-based point-to-point connection. Using network topology of a star between BC and Remote Terminals enables high-speed and robust data transfer.
EBR supports various modes of operation – “SPEC” mode, “SWITCH” mode and “LINK” mode.

SPEC mode is similar to the standard 1553 protocol, where the BC sends the message in all ports, all RTs receive the message, and only the RT with the approriate RT address should respond.

In SWITCH mode the BC sends the message only on the port where the particular RT is connected. For example, if a message is intended for RT 6, then it will be transmitted only on port 6, and the message will contain the RT address 6.

In LINK mode, the message is transmitted only on the appropriate port which corresponds to th required RT address (for example – port 6), but the RT actual address on the message command is ‘0’ for all RTs. This means that any RT which receives a message in this mode, with the RT address ‘0’ should answer to the message. Threfore RTs are phisically connected to the corresponding ports on the BC.

In MultiComBox Sital supports all three modes of operation.

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