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Low Power 3.3v 1553 Discrete Transceiver design (For large volume projects)

The 3.3v transceiver design is an analog front-end interface solution developed by Sital Technology to interface between Sital’s digital IP core and the MIL-STD-1553 transformer and bus.
It serves as an alternative to commonly available transceiver components.
Designed for transformer coupling method.

Main features and advantages:
Low cost – The bill of materials (BOM) is very low, and is typically less than ¼ of a single component transceiver (~$20).
Low power – The transmitter is built around a very efficient MOSFET gate. It is either on or off. When on, its resistance (Rds-on) is very low, thus the power it needs to dissipate is less than 0.25 watt. The overall power during transmit is less than 0.5 watt. During receive, the power is just a few milliwatts.
Vendor independent – The BOM is purchased by the end user and is composed of standard and common components.
PCB Space – although the total space that the DCT3v3 on the PCB might be bigger than a transceiver device, the components can be placed with great flexibility on both sides of the PCB, and in places where a transceiver device would not fit. Components can be as little as 0201.
Flexibility – With a change in resistor values, the transceiver can serve other bus standards, such as the French Digibus, which cannot be supported by a standard transceiver.
Availability – The transceiver is available today for testing. Sital delivers an evaluation board with the transceiver built on it.
Input impedance – The transceiver was carefully designed to provide high input impedance, higher than the minimum 1K ohm, required by the 1553 standard.
A 1553 transceiver is typically built from two parts, the digital part and the analog part.
The analog part both translates the digital transmit signals in to the proper analog voltages and currents to drive to a standard transformer and detect the analog signals from the transformer as defined by MIL-STD-1553B standard. The analog part was designed using state of the art analog components to provide space-optimized design, power efficiency and low cost.
The digital part is responsible for the signal shaping; over-load inhibit control and digital filtering of received signals as well as some other analog compensation. The digital part is supplied as part of Sital’s 1553 IP cores. This digital part is very compact and efficient.

The 3.3V transceiver was developed with intensive analog and digital simulations to provide a robust design that can accommodate a variety of transformers and components while delivering full compliance with MIL-STD-1553 standard.

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