SVIVADO Integration of Sital MIL-STD-1553 IP and Software for Xilinx FPGAs


Prototyping designs like 1553B/1760 I/O are challenging due to the lack of standard interfaces solution and good hardware/software integration, as a result this often leads to long integration times involving electrical, PCB and software design teams exposing the project to unnecessary risks and delays and sometimes loosing projects to competition, For instance those who wish focus on their core competence and value add, Sital provides the SVIVADO – a turnkey end to end solution for 1553B/1760 application and prototype development. Get your 1553B/1760 channel up and running and start writing application code within 30 minutes! The Result, SVIVADO packs everything needed to get your mil-std-1553 interface off the ground so you can focus on what you do best. When the time comes to further develop the prototype into a product, all of SVIVADO’s internal components are made available for production licensing at competitive prices ensuring design integrity and SWaP-C compliance.


  • BRD1553XVR-P – 1553B/1760 daughter board with PMOD interface (to Hosting Board) and front end triax connectors . Includes 1553B/1760 transceivers and transformers.
  • BRM1553D – MIL-STD-1553B/1760 FPGA IP Core (BRM1553D) , pre configured to support the AXI bus architecture back-end and the PMOD front-end.
  • Device Drivers – Low latency AXI bus device drivers to control the BRM1553D FPGA IP , support for stand alone (No-OS) or PetaLinux environments
  • API – DDC compatible  API , written in ANSI C, fully verified and tested
  • Sample Application  –  Skeleton ANSI C applications for BC/RT/MT use cases , providing a walkthrough of how the API is leveraged to a working flow for all types of application modes.
  • VIVADO Project Files – Xilinx VIVADO IDE project files for a rapid deployment on Xilinx designs.
  • Test Scripts – Out of the box testing and validation scripts for the FPGA IP to make sure it is loaded correctly and it’s pinout is fully functional.
  • Documentation – Fully documented user manual, quick start guide, HSID and software source code.


  • Ultrascale+, Virtex


  • BRM1553D – BC/RT/MT IP Core for MIL-STD-1553/1760
  • BRM1553D-CS – BRM1553D version with real-time cyber security monitoring and anomaly detection
  • BRM1553D-SnS – BRM1553D version with real-time cyber security monitoring and circuit fault location detection


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  • Description: Xilinx Turnkey Development and Prototyping Solution for 1553B/1760 applications

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