Sital Successfully Completes Testing of Wiring Bus Diagnotics IP with Israeli Air Force

Sital Technology has conducted tests of its new patent pending “Tails Code Key” technology for Mil-Std-1553 bus maintenance as part of the BRM1553D IP. The results backed up the theoretical assumptions, previously seen on simulation.

The test was conducted on a F-16 mockup, together with avionics engineers from Israeli Air Force, and proved the need for such technology to overcome wiring and connectors problems, often hard to detect and repair.

“Tail Code Key” is a parametric test that is measured during flight in real time, 50 times a second. These numbers serve as a code – quality code. The code varies as a direct result of the quality of the bus.

If the bus connectors or wires degrade over time and usage, the measured code would change. Technicians get an early warning for problems that should be fixed before they fail the bus.

“I am excited to see theory comes to life”, says Ofer Hofman, founder and R&D Manager of Sital Technology.

Duli Yariv, VP Marketing and Sales of Sital adds: “Tails Code Key will allow Israeli Air Force to dramatically shorten efforts related to avionics bus maintenance. This technology will enable our customers to save time, costs and efforts, currently required, on problems that are related to avionics bus malfunctions and even take preventive measures to fix problems before they occur.”

“Tails Code Key” technology will be integrated with Sital’s successful BRM1553D, BRM1553PCI and BRM1553FE Mil-Std-1553 IP Cores, used by military and aerospace customers around the world.