PhysiMUX SnS USB Tester

PhysiMUX Wiring Faults tester by SITAL as well as the software app are a tool for real-time MIL-STD-1553 bus physical layer faults diagnostics and monitoring.

The software app uses Sital’s PhysiMUX (Sital’s SnS Technology) to detect intermittent or continuous open and short circuit faults and indicates its findings with visualizations on the monitored bus’s topology diagram.

This tool reduces the 1553 systems maintenance, diagnostics and repair time and costs unprecedentedly by eliminating the need for time-consuming manual troubleshooting and enables preventive maintenance.

There is also a user manual for the early-stage PhysiMUX Wiring Faults app, describing its features for detecting and locating open and short circuit faults.

Lastly, todays tools do not locate faults in Databuses. This PhysiMUX tool allows for the maximime recovery time should a fault occur. It also locates in minutes to avoid any vehicle or Aircraft downtime.



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