MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus Couplers


Sital’s MIL-STD-1553 coupler is a dual, three-stub coupler. Each three-stub coupler includes an optional internal bus termination.

As well, the coupler is designed to provide 3 stubs with termination for bus A and another 3 stubs for B. Alternatively, the two 3-stub couplers may be combined to provide a single 6-stub coupler for one data bus.

Also, the coupler can be provided with optional mounting accessories to fit in a 3U or 6U PCI or cPCI/PXI chasses allowing for dense and optimized organization of rack-mounted and portable test systems.

Finally, this option enables denser and optimized organization of rack mounted testers. All connections and termination are enabled via a standard D-Type 25 connector.

One more thing, when the termination is connected, an LED lights up during live messaging, reflecting bus activity and utilization.

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  • Compact size: ideal for test equipment racks
  • Single D-type 25-pin plug connector
  • Lower system cost – saves wires & triax plugs
  • MIL-PRF 21038/27 Internal Transformers
  • Includes six transformer-coupled 1553 stub connections
  • Internal coupling transformers provide compliance to MIL-STD-1553
  • Can be configured as either two 3-stub couplers or one 6-stub coupler
  • Includes two internal 78-ohm termination resistors enabling multiple configurations
  • Optional unique PCI or cPCI/PXI rack assemblies fittings
  • Flexible mechanical support for other rack assembly fittings
  • Low profile & lightweight
  • Termination enabled by shortening two connector terminals
  • LED activity indication per terminated coupler to indicate bus activity
  • Epoxy casting and finish for lifetime support

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  • Description: Description: The base dual 3-stub coupler mounted to a standard cPCI back-panel for easy integration inside 3U cPCI or PXI housing.

  • Description: The base dual 3-stub coupler mounted to a standard PC back-panel for easy integration inside PC housing.

  • Description: The base dual 3-stub coupler, ready for panel mount. Connect either the 4 screws or the D-Type connector screws.

  • Description: Description: 2X base dual 3-stub couplers mounted to a standard 6U back-panel for easy integration inside a 6U VME or VPX housing.

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