Device Drivers for BRM1553D FPGA IP

sital technology API

Sital provides embedded device drivers and software customization services for the BRM1553 FPGA IP Core to streamline product development and release. The device drivers provide out of the box support for a verity of popular operating system and various IP core deployment options including AXI bus and PCI/PCIe.

Sital’s device drivers provide a comprehensive higher level API framework which is DDC™ Enhanced-MiniACE™ compatible to further reduce integration time for legacy design upgrades.

The Sital device driver and BRM1553D FPGA IP cores are vastly used in smart munitions and LRU designs.

  • Full support for Sital’s BRM1553D, DO254_BRM1553D, BRM1553D-CS, ARINC429 and ARINC825 FPGA IP Cores
  • API compatibility with Data Device Corporation (DDC®) Micro-ACE®, Total-ACE®, Mini-ACE®, Enhanced Mini-ACE® and Mini-ACE® Mark3 chipset families
  • Enhanced features including MultiRT support for cost and form design reduction
  • Includes full source and sample application files
  • DO-178 DAL C compatible version available
  • OS Support: Linux, VxWorks 7.0, VxWorks 6.9,  VxWorks 653, Nutrino 7.0, PikeOS, Integrity, ThreadX, Windows 7+
  • Interface support: AXI, PCI, PCI-E, VME,, cPCI, PMC, XMC, FMC
  • Provided with 12 months of technical support and maintenance

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  • Description: VxWorks 7.0 Device Driver for BRM1553D

  • Description: Linux Device Driver for BRM1553D

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