ARINC-429 Software

ARINC-429 software works in conjunction with Sital’s IP, board and tester products. The API/library is available with drivers for Windows, VxWorks and Linux.

Also for applications of Sital’s ARINC-429 IP core, the API/library includes functions for working with up to 16 transmit channels and/or up to 16 receive channels.

The API includes function calls for ARINC-429 channel initialization, determining the number of ARINC-429 boards, opening or closing a channel, setting (writing) the value of a channel’s configuration register.

Reading the value of a channel’s configuration register, reading channel status, receiving (reading) data, sending (transmitting) data, reading the number of words in a channel’s receive FIFO, resetting an ARINC-429 channel, clearing the ARINC-429 label array (for receiving), adding a label to the label array, getting (reading) the label array table, enabling or disabling, the label array table, along with some low-level routines.

The latter include writing data to a buffer and reading data from a buffer.

  • Operates with Sital’s ARINC-429 IP core, boards and testers
  • API/library available with Windows, Linux and VxWorks drivers
  • Supports all functionality of Sital’s ARINC-429 IP Core:
    • Programmable data rate for each channel (12.5/100 Kbps)
    • Programmable label recognition with 256 Labels for each Receive Channel
    • Programmable parity: Even, Odd or No-parity (32nd bit as data)
    • Read FIFO full/empty indication
    • For reception, functions to program, read label, and enable and disable table
    • Send data
    • Receive data
  • Can provide with DO-178 DAL A certifiability

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