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VME to USB Interface

Introducing the game-changing solution to revitalize legacy VME-based systems: the Sital VME to USB adapter card !

In a world where aging VME infrastructure persists, slowing down performance and productivity.

Our innovative adapter card bridges the gap between past and present with seamless efficiency.

Picture this:

no more struggling with outdated hardware, noisy environments, or unstable development setups.

With the Sital VME to USB adapter, you can bring your development process into the comfort of your own workspace. Free from the constraints of bulky VME stations and their noisy fans !

Say goodbye to performance degradation and frequent crashes caused by outdated SBCs.

Our adapter card replaces the aging VME SBC card, empowering software developers to unleash their creativity and productivity on modern Windows/Linux environments, without missing a beat.

The magic lies in the conversion of VME protocol to a standard USB interface. Opening up a world of possibilities for streamlined development and enhanced performance.

Whether it’s inserted into the VME chassis or utilized on your desk with a compact backplane, the Sital VME to USB adapter offers unparalleled flexibility while maintaining reliability.

Experience the future of VME connectivity today with Sital’s groundbreaking solution.

It’s time to leave the past behind and embrace a new era of efficiency and innovation !

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