For operating with its EBR-1553 IP core and standard (single-function) EBR-1553 board products, Sital offers software API/library/drivers for Windows, VxWorks and Linux. These API/library/drivers provide the same API that Sital provides for is MIL-STD-1553 IP and standard (single-function) boards and is also compatible with DDC’s AceXtreme API.
For its EBR-1553 tester boards, Sital provides Windows API/library/driver software, along with the COMposer Windows GUI software.

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Product Brief

Comprehensive API/library and operating system drivers for Sital’s EBR-1553 IP and standard (single-function) board products. This software provides API-level compatibility with DDC’s AceXtreme library and consists of over 150 low-level and high-level function calls for operating in 1553 BC, RT, Monitor or RT/Monitor modes. Sital can provide its API/library with drivers for Windows, VxWorks 6.9, 7.0 or 653; Linux 3.0, Pico/Linux or PetaLinux; PikeOS, Green Hills Integrity or bare metal (no operating system). The software is also provided with sample programs. 

If required, Sital can supply its software drivers certified to DO-178, with design assurance levels up to and including DAL A. Sital works with a third-part company, Logicircuits, to provide the DO-178 artifacts. 

For EBR-1553, Sital’s USB MultiComBox and GRIP testers, and board-level tester products provide capabilities to emulate Bus Controller, up to 32 RTs and Monitor simultaneously. Further, for BC and RT modes, they provide capability to inject various types of errors into messages.

In addition to MIL-STD-1553, some of Sital’s tester products also include EBR-1553, H009, 16 PP194, RS-485/422 and/or ARINC-429 interfaces. For their test and simulation applications, Sital’s

The COMposer Windows GUI program enables users of the Sital’s MultiComBox and GRIP USB tester, and tester boards to transmit and monitor application data without needing to write software. For MIL-STD-1553, Sital’s testers can emulate BC, up to 32 RTs and Monitor simultaneously and for the BC and RTs to inject errors.

COMposer enables users to set up and monitor testers without the need to write software. The program displays received data in user-defined engineering units in either numerical, graphic or cockpit instrument formats. In addition to MIL-STD-1553, COMposer can also be used for transmitting and monitoring data for Sital testers’ EBR-1553, H009, 16 PP194, RS-485/422 and/or ARINC-429 interfaces.

For users of Sital Technology’s MIL-STD-1553 and other IP cores, Sital offers its SVIVADO service for integrating its single-instance and multi-instance IP cores and software on to Xilinx SoC or MPSoC FPGAs. Sital’s SVIVADO service leverages Xilinx’s Vivado design suite software. By providing “pre-integrated”, turnkey SoC/MPSoC solutions, SVIVADO enables reductions in customers’ times to get their on-chip 1553 IP core(s), processor, and software fully up and running from months to approximately 30 minutes.

The SVIVADO integration involves providing the on-FPGA interfaces between Sital’s IP core(s) and an on-chip processor such as an ARM Cortex. For Xilinx FPGAs, this typically involves the use of AXI bus for address/data paths and interrupts. In addition, SVIVADO includes the integration of Sital’s API/library, and operating system and on-chip interconnect bus (e.g., AXI) low-level software drivers. Before supplying a SVIVADO project to customers, Sital performs testing to verify that customers will be able to use Sital’s API and software stack to access and control Sital’s IP cores through its API.