BC Firewall for the only Databus Safety and Pinpoint Fault Detection for MIL-STD-1553, CAN bus, ARINC-429/825, and EBR1553

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Industry Leadership with the ONLY BC Firewall Security for Databus Protocols

SITAL Technology is the only provider of Safety and Readiness for Databus Communication in the World!

BC Firewall is an included technology that sets SITAL Technology apart from the competition!

As an Option:
Sital’s cutting-edge and innovative Safe and Secure (SnS) Wire Fault Detection IP is a technology that can detect and pinpoint databus wiring faults. Additionally, it is designed for the IP Core’s physical layer. Coupled with BC firewall features, this solution ensures that messages are safe from Spoofing and Cyber Attacks.

SnS Technology Capabilities

The patented “SnS” technology analyzes all databus messages and provides two unique capabilities:

Cyber Threat Security

The validation of each Bus message prevents any malicious Bus messages from executing attacks!

SITAL Technology’s BC Firewall Protection Technology is included in most of our products. IP, components, Single/Multi I/O boards, Single Board computers, and testers all have this additional benefit included!

Benefits of BC Firewall Protection

Your designs will be the state-of-the-art solution in finding issues and protection against malicious messages.

There are also other benefits available in our products:

  • Cyber Threat (IDS) Intrusion Detection Systems and (IPS) Intrusion Prevention Systems are available for new and existing designs.
  • The best possible protection for the warfighter and your product’s and customers’ critical systems in avionics, ground vehicles, and weapons systems. Critical applications where mistakes cannot happen.


Our BC-FIT tool is lightweight, portable, and made for rugged environments. This tool is exactly what you need to make sure both the A and B bus are operational on the databus. Redundancy is the ket to safety on a databus and rarely detected if Bus B is not working. This tool is the way to detect both Bus A and B are working to insure opertion and safety in your designs.

Wire Faults Detection Capabilities

Advantages for Production and Maintenance:

This is a major capability no one has. It saves a huge amount of time and money for production managers, QA, and for in-field maintenance technicians, and repair depots.

Detection of Wire Faults can be done in the field and in your production facility in an close to immediate way to make sure assets are operational

Detect and pinpoint intermittent and continuous electrical faults, as well as open and short circuits. Again as you know, getting the pinpointed location speeds up the time of repair immensely.

Applicable Interfaces

It is applicable to all databus interfaces, including MIL-STD-1553, CAN Bus, CAN Bus (FD), ARINC-825-4, and ARINC-429 and EBR-1553.

This technology provides continuous real-time detection and location of intermittent or continuous open or short circuits. Wire faults found in data bus cables, bus couplers, connectors, stubs, LRUs, and bus terminators.

Fault Detection and Maintenance

These include both single-wire and two-wire faults, along with short circuit faults between two databus wires or between one data bus wire and ground. The capability to detect and locate intermittent faults enables preventive maintenance prior to faults becoming continuous, or when they can render a data bus inoperative.

All the information you need is viewed on a computer screen, thus allowing you to see instantly how the system is running and performing.

Immediate Fault Detection

With Sital’s wire fault detection technology, a disconnected or shorted wire is registered immediately. The location is shown, as well as the effect on the system. Sital’s wire fault detection sensors provide the fastest fault detection as well as the most accurate in registering intermittent faults during a flight.

In addition to resolving many no-fault-found issues, it can distinguish between module and wire faults. The result is more accurate network prognostics and the ability to implement an effective repair strategy that resolves potentially mission-threatening failures.

SITAL Technology’s BC Firewall and SnS Wire Fault Detection solutions represent the pinnacle of innovation and security in databus communication. Integrating these advanced technologies into your systems ensures protection against cyber threats and wiring faults. They can help safeguard critical operations in Avionics, Aerospace, Ground vehicles, and Weapons systems.

Documentation and Partnerships

For documentation, check out our latest SnS News releases! For more information about Wire Fault Detection :

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