SpyTDR for Automotive Service Centers

What is the SpyTDR?

The SpyTDR is a compact hardware add on for automotive service centers

Based on the Sital Passive-TDR technology, the SpyTDR eliminates No-Trouble-Found (NTFs) on terminated control communication lines such as CAN and CAN-FD. For the first time service shops can greatly improve customer experience, minimize expensive parts replacement and reduce vehicle buybacks

Intermittent Wiring Fault Detection


Why Use the Buffalo?

  • Easily detect intermittent wiring disconnects! 
  • Shorten customer in-shop experience
  • NO NEED for fancy lab equipment or electrical engineering knowledge
  • Improve vehicle worthiness
  • Avoid unnecessary ECU replacement
  • Minimize collateral damage during repair
  • Reduce warranty costs 
  • Improve customer satisfaction and prevent buybacks

Key Features

  • Diagnose intermitent physical automotive control network including CAN, CAN-FD and FlexRay in real time vehicle operation conditions
  • Support for complex network typologies including splices and stubs
  • Instant detection of various types of shorts and opens 
  • System level diagnostics: Monitor and Diagnose up to 2 networks simultaneously
  • Clear LED signal lighting to notify an issue was detected and it's time to head back to the service
  • Easy fix visual 2-D bus topology graphics for exact fault location detection
  • Turnkey Integration services to OEM IT infrastructure for deployment in assembly lines and service centers

Want to learn how a leading OEM preventing buybacks by using SpyTDR?

Type SpyTDR OEM CS in the open text area

Type SpyTDR SOFTWARE in the open text area

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