BUFFALO for Automotive Assembly Lines and Service Centers

What is the BUFFALO?

The Buffalo is the most advanced diagnostics tool for physical wiring faults

Designed from the ground up, based on the Sital Passive-TDR technology, the Buffalo enables real-time detection and location of various wiring faults on terminated control communication lines such as CAN and CAN-FD

Bus Fault Analysis and Locator


Why Use the Buffalo?

  • Reduce complex repair time by more than 70%! 
  • Diagnose physical wiring faults within seconds
  • NO NEED for fancy lab equipment or electrical engineering knowledge
  • Improve vehicle worthiness
  • Avoid unnecessary ECU replacement
  • Minimize collateral damage during repair
  • Reduce warranty costs 
  • Improve customer satisfaction and prevent buybacks

Key Features

  • Diagnose any physical automotive control network including CAN, CAN-FD and FlexRay
  • Support for complex network typologies including splices and stubs
  • Instant detection of various types of shorts and opens 
  • System level diagnostics: Monitor and Diagnose up to 4 networks simultaneously
  • Advanced Debugging with an embedded analog oscilloscope, bus load utilization and voltage for all channels to debug complex use cases
  • Easy fix visual 2-D bus topology graphics for exact fault location detection
  • Turnkey Integration services to OEM IT infrastructure for deployment in assembly lines and service centers

Want to learn how a leading OEM is saving over 60 million dollar every year by using the Buffalo?

Type BUFFALO OEM CS in the open text area

Type BUFFALO SOFTWARE in the open text area

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