Embedded Security and Wiring Fault Detection for CAN/CAN-FD

What is the FPS?

Sital's Finger Printing Sensor (FPS) is a compact, cost effective and feature rich solution to monitor CAN and CAN-FD networks for security threats and physical wiring faults. For the first time, OEMs can economically monitor their connected car fleets for cyber and physical threats, prevent attacks in real-time and improve vehicle worthiness and maintainability entering the autonomous vehicle era.

The FPS is the only automotive network solution which saves millions of dollars every year through deployment


Embedded Finger Printing Sensor

FPGA cyber security

Why use the FPS?

  • Detect attack threats in real-time! 
  • Scale to any car platform without complex setup times
  • Protect the entire vehicle network architecture with a single instance
  • Seamlessly integrates with the overall cyber security strategy
  • Pinpoints intermittent wiring faults in real-time for cost effective maintenance
  • Improve vehicle worthiness
  • Avoid unnecessary ECU replacement
  • Minimize collateral damage during repair
  • Reduce warranty costs 
  • Improve customer satisfaction and prevent buybacks

Key Features

  • Real-time physical signature finger printing for CAN/CAN-FD/FlexRay networks.
  • Alerts on unauthorized/invalid communication 
  • Real-time IPS mode 
  • Highly configurable for runtime setup, firmware updates and operation modes.
  • Extremely robust for environmental changes 
  • Monitors and protects up to 10 networks with a single instance
  • Does not require any RAM or CPU to operate
  • Supports unlimited number of ECUs on each network
  • Seamlessly integrates with SOC platforms and other security measures
  • Diagnose intermittent physical automotive control network including CAN, CAN-FD and FlexRay in real time vehicle operation conditions
  • Natively supports the Sital Buffalo software and IT services for visual maintenance of wiring faults in service centers

Want to learn how deploying the FPS can save your organizations millions of dollars every year?

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