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CAN-FD and ARINC-825-4 controller FPGA IP core. These devices provide a complete, integrated, cost-effective solution for avionics.

5 Advantages of CAN Bus Protocol – Total Phase

This as well as Ground vehicle and Automotive applications.

In particular, implementing the CAN 2.0B specification and can be configured to comply with ISO-11898, as well as CAN 2.0, CAN-FD, ARINC-825-4, CANopen, SAE J1939, and lastly

CAN-FD and ARINC-825-4 controller FPGA IP core.

Above all The Safe and Secure CAN bus IP Core (“SnS CAN IP”) is a simple implementation of a CAN bus 2.0 compliant digital controller henseforth, an interface with built in cyber resilience and electrical fault detection, as well as location capabilities.

The SnS CAN IP offers advanced network security and health monitoring capabilities. This while maintaining compliance with the CAN bus, CAN-FD and ARINC-825-4 standards using industry standard CAN bus transceivers.

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In-Vehicle Network Security and Diagnostics

Real-time Cyber Protection and Health Monitoring for Vehicle Networks
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The CAN bus Sequencer GRIP and PhysiCAN SnS GRIP are portable. These are USB Boards for CAN bus.  CAN-FD and ARINC-825-4. The PhysiCAN SnS GRIP version includes Sital’s patented Safe and Secure (SnS) technology. Included are board support 11-bit and 29-bit CAN messaging. They also provide capability for transmitting and receiving messages. Including various lower-level and higher-layer protocols including ISO-11898. Also including CAN 2.0, CAN-FD, ARINC-825-4, CANopen, SAE J1939, and lastly DeviceNet4.

Both boards are provided with Windows API/library/driver software. In addition, the PhysiCAN board also comes with Windows GUI software.

The GUI enables users to configure the board for their specific topologies and applications. Allowing a view of the occurrences of incidents of spoofing nodes and electrical faults. This is in real time!

Wiring Fault Detection Technology
For Intermittent Wiring Disconnects
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CAN/CAN-FD Wiring Fault Detection

Strategic repair capabilities for CAN network problems
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Sital’s mission is to provide safe and secure databus communication solutions. Our worldwide customers rely on Sital’s novelty to resolve the most challenging data bus problems while optimizing production quality and cost.