Aerospace Products

For over two decades, Sital Technology has been supplying databus solutions for use in military and commercial aerospace applications. These include for MIL-STD-1553, CAN bus including ARINC-825-4, ARINC-429, EBR-1553, the 16PP194 and H009 legacy protocols and RS-422/485.

Sital Technology offers safe and secure data bus communication products for MIL-STD 1553B/1760, ARINC-429, ARINC-825/CAN bus, 16PP194 and H009 protocols. Impersonation or “spoofing” by rogue nodes on a data bus have potential for playing havoc with the operation of critical avionics and mission systems. In addition, intermittent open and short circuit wiring faults can disrupt communication on multi-drop data buses. Sital’s Safe and Secure technology can identify impersonating nodes, and can detect wire faults while they’re still intermittent, thereby enabling repairs to be made before these faults become catastrophic.


Products by Application

Today’s advanced aircraft systems require highly sophisticated and reliable I/O systems, whether used in-flight or for test and simulation applications. Sital’s products include the BRM1553D IP core for interfacing between a local, parallel processor bus and a 1553 bus, and the BRM1553PCI version that provides native PCI back-end connectivity. We also offer the first cyber-secured MIL-STD-1553B IP core that offers real-time detection of cyber authentication violations and USB bus testers that provide simulation and bus analysis.

Wire Fault Detection Technology

Sital’s Safe and Secure (SnS) Wire Fault Detection IP is a technology that’s applicable to all data bus interfaces. This technology provides continuous real-time detection and location of intermittent or continuous open or short circuit faults in data bus cables, bus couplers, connectors, stubs, LRUs and bus terminators. These include both single-wire and two-wire faults, along with short circuit faults between two data bus wires or between one data bus wire and ground. The capability to detect and locate intermittent faults enables preventive maintenance prior to faults becoming continuous, when they can render a data bus inoperative. Metrics and advanced diagnostics can be viewed on a computer screen to see how the system is running. With Sital’s wire fault detection technology, a disconnected or shorted wire is registered immediately as is its location and effect on a system. Sital’s wire fault detection sensors provide the fastest fault detection and are the most accurate in registering intermittent faults during flight. In addition to resolving many no-fault-found issues, it can distinguish between module and wire faults. The result is more accurate network prognostics and the ability to implement an effective repair strategy that resolves potentially mission-threatening failures.

Popular Products

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Technology Demo on a live MIL-STD-1553 system

Products by Interface

Sital offers solutions for various types of multi-drop data buses used in military and civil avionics, military ground vehicles and ships, and industrial and automotive applications. In addition to IP, components, and boards, Sital offers software API/libraries and drivers for VxWorks, Linux and Windows, Windows GUI software, along with SoC FPGA integration services to provide complete turnkey solutions. These advanced products are designed for the following:

MIL-STD-1553 has been the workhorse standard for military avionics system integration for over four decades. Sital’s 1553 solutions include many different varieties of intellectual property (IP), along with components, boards, testers, transceivers, transformers, couplers, AP/library/driver software and GUI software. These include software compatible drop-in replacements for DDC’s Mini-ACE, Enhanced Mini-ACE, Mini-ACE Mark3, Micro-ACE and Total-ACE. In addition, Sital can supply DO-254 DAL A-certifiable 1553 IP. Further, Sital can supply 1553 IP cores that include its Safe and Secure (SnS) technology. By means for physical layer monitoring, Sital’s SnS provides cyber authentication, along with open and short circuit wire fault detection.

EBR-1553 is a version of the MIL-STD-1553 protocol operating at 10 Mb/s over point-to-point RS-485 physical layer connections. Its primary application is for weapons interfaces. For EBR-1553, Sital offers a core with a 32-port hub and software drivers. In addition, Sital offers boards and testers with EBR-1553 interfaces.

16PP194 and H009 are legacy military multi-drop databus standards. For these standards, Sital offers P cores, boards, testers and software.

For CAN bus and ARINC-825-4, Sital offers solutions for various lower-level and higher-layer protocols including ISO-11898, CAN 2.0, CAN-FD, ARINC-825-4, CANopen, SAE J1939, and DeviceNet4. These interfaces can operate at data rates up to 4 Mb/s, with an option for 8 Mb/s. Sital can offer ARINC-825-4/CAN bus IP with DO-254 DAL A-certifiability and/or with its Safe and Secure technology, providing cyber authentication, and open and short circuit wire fault detection. In addition, Sital offers boards and testers for ARINC-825-4/CAN bus, and software APIs/libraries/drivers.

RS-422 and RS-485 operate from a common type of transceiver. RS-422 is used in simplex or full-duplex point-to-point connections, while RS-485 provides half-duplex operation for either point-to-point links or multi-drop data buses. Sital offers options for RS-422 and RS-485 interfaces for its tester and board products. 

ARINC-429 is a one-to-many multicast bus used primarily for commercial avionics. For multi-channel applications, Sital’s ARINC-429 IP can reduce FPGA logic resource by up to 70% relative to other solutions. In addition to IP, Sital also offers boards, testers and software for ARINC-429. Sital can offer ARINC-429 IP with DO-254 DAL A-certifiability and/or with its Safe and Secure (SnS) technology. SnS provides continuous, real time cyber authentication, and open and short circuit wire fault detection.

Deployable Data Bus Products:

Sital offers embedded device drivers and software customization for our flagship FPGA IP cores. The drivers feature a high-level API framework that is compatible with DDC™ Enhanced-MiniACE™, reducing integration time for legacy systems. Sital offers APIs/libraries/drivers for VxWorks 7.0, Linux and Windows, and can also provide drivers for other operating systems such as Green Hills Integrity.  


  • DO-254 and DO-178 Certifiability. Sital’s MIL-STD-1553B/1760 IP cores are available with DO 254 DAL A certifiability, with artifacts supplied by Logicircuit. Sital’s DO-254 DAL A certifiable 1553 IP is available in multiple versions to support any MIL-STD-1553B application. In addition, if needed, Sital also offers certifiable IP cores for ARINC-825-4/CAN bus and ARINC-429. Further, Sital can also supply DO-178 DAL A certifiable versions of its software APIs/libraries/drivers that operate with these IP cores.

Test and Simulation Products

Sital offers multiple products to support test and simulation of systems with MIL-STD-1553 interfaces. These includes the MultiComBox multi-protocol tester, the GRIP-2 MIL-STD-1553 tester, along with multiple form factors of boards. These products are available in either of two versions: (1) single-function versions, capable of operating as either BC, RT, Monitor or RT/Monitor modes; and (2) multi-function versions that can operate as BC, multi-RT and Monitor concurrently and with capabilities for error injection. Sital can also supply single-function and multi-function tester boards in a variety of form factors.

  • MultiComBox: Sital’s MultiComBox USB tester is available for emulating different combinations of various protocols. These include 2 to 4 channels of MIL-STD-1553, with options for different combinations of EBR-1553, ARINC-429, RS-485/422, WB/16PP194, and H009 interfaces. MultiComBox includes capabilities for performing test, simulation, and bus analysis. For MIL-STD-1553, this includes capabilities to operate as BC, up to 31 RTs and Monitor concurrently, plus capabilities for error injection. MultiComBox comes with Windows and Linux software APIs/Libraries/drivers, along with the COMposer GUI software. The COMposer GUI simplifies setup, data management, data storage and real-time data display.

  • GRIP-2 USB Tester. Sital’s GRIP-2, is a compact USB-to-single channel 1553 tester available in either single-function (BC, RT, or Monitor) or Multi-function (concurrent BC + multi-RT + Monitor with error injection) capability. Like the MultiComBox, the GRIP-2 tester comes with Windows and Linux APIs/libraries/drivers and the COMposer Windows GUI software.
  • Tester Boards. In addition to USB testers, Sital also offers single-function and multi-function tester boards. These are available in PMC, VME, Compact PCI, PCI and PCI Express form factors. Like the MultiComBox and GRIP-2, these boards come with Windows and Linux APIs/libraries/drivers and the COMposer Windows GUI software. These boards provide multi-I/O capability, which in addition to MIL-SD-1553, typically include four channels configurable as RS-485/RS-422, IRIG-B, or ARINC-429. In addition, for some boards, eight avionics I/Os and eight digital I/Os are also included.
  • 1553 Bus Couplers. For test applications, Sital offers a low-profile, dual, three-stub unit with internal termination that can be used in a 3U or 6U chassis. This low-profile, dual three-stub unit with internal termination resistors and bus activity indicator LEDs can be configured as required.


  • 1553 Bus Couplers. For test applications, Sital offers a low-profile, dual, three-stub unit with internal termination that can be used in a 3U or 6U chassis. This low-profile, dual three-stub unit with internal termination resistors and bus activity indicator LEDs can be configured as required.

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Advanced Avionics I/O Solutions

Sital Technology is a leading designer and developer of avionics I/O solutions including:

  • FPGA IP Cores for MIL-STD-1553B, secured 1553, safe 1553 1553-EBR, MIL-STD-1760, ARINC429 and ARINC 825
  • MIL-STD-1553 Components including: Transceivers, Transformers and Couplers
  • Multi-Protocol bus Testers and wiring fault detection equipment
  • Multi-channel I/O cards with various back-ends including PCI, VME, PMC, PC104 and SPI bus

Sital focuses on providing the most reliable, innovative, robust, and cost-effective data bus interface solutions, supporting the most diverse range of applications.

We do so by employing strict development and production quality procedures and significant investments in advanced R&D, allowing us to be at the forefront of safe and secure data bus communications technology.

Sital's products are successfully deployed in multiple aerospace and avionic products across the world.

For more information, connect with us using the form below, or call 716-626-7059 to speak directly with an avionics I/O expert who can assist with your MIL-STD-1553 application requirements.