Cyber Protection Technology for MIL-STD-1553, CAN Bus and ARINC825

Aircraft and car makers count on inbound communication networks to reliably exchange real-time information between the dozens of ECUs and Avionic systems. Furthermore aircraft and cars increasingly become more connected.
A malware contaminated ECU or avionic unit can transmit faulty messages, disable functionality and even alter a vehicles autopilot coordinated without the pilot's knowledge. As a result, it is of paramount importance to authenticate all inbound network communication and ensure it's safety.
Sital provides a robust and affordable solution to safely validate each such message and to detect and prevent any malicious messages from executing their attack.

High Level Product Attributes

    • Compact VHDL IP code for integration in inside ECUs, Car Central Gateways (CCG) or avionic products.
    • Supporting MIL-STD-1553/ARINC825/CAN/CAN-FD/Flexray and linear Ethernet networks.
    • Protect all ECUs on the bus from a single source. Protect all buses from a single gateway or avionic unit.
    • Passive technology without any transmission on the bus
    • 100% IDS
    • Optional real-time IPS
    • Easily scalable across multiple platforms

SITAL CAN Bus Security

Real-time Message Finger Printing for Automotive and Avionics Wired Networks

About Us

Sital’s mission is to provide better high-reliability data communication solutions. Our worldwide customers rely on Sital’s novelty to resolve the most challenging data bus problems while optimizing production quality and cost.