Request evaluation

We are happy to send you an evaluation code of our cores, which you can try for free.
This core is identical to the actual core, with a few limitations:

It can only answer word counts of 1 to 15 and 32.
RT address is hard-coded.
Only Mode codes without data will operate properly.
So, the evaluation core is not validation ready. Its just for evel, but it can be integrated into a device and test all the functionalities of the core.
To request an evaluation code, please fill in the following parameters:

Please select the core you would like to evaluate.

Please select the technology of your FPGA.
If the technology you have is not specified here, then please specify it in the Comments field.

Please select the frequency that your FPGA is operating at.
Our core supports any even frequency over 12MHz, i.e.: 12, 14, 16, 18... and up to 200MHz.
This is in order to eliminate additional clock domains, and make sure that the 1553 IP core is synchronized with the rest of your design.

If you have any technical question, then you can contact us in several ways:

By Email:
By Phone: +972-9-7633300
By Fax: +972-9-7663394

You can also download the following documents: