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Is the fastest wiring fault detection solution. It pinpoints and locates specific wiring faults in real time.

Bus Fault Analysis and Locator – is a software and hardware solution that detects and locates physical circuit failures in Controlled Area Networks (CAN) in real time.

Buffalo may be used in manufacturing plants and in service areas, allowing your vehicles to undergo a quick and strategic repair. It is best known for enabling your customers to have a short and assuring service experience.

Buffalo’s benefits:
• Significant reduction of “No-Trouble-Found” cases
• Material reduction in repair time
• Distinguishes wire faults from. module failures
• Reduces unnecessary disassembly ( of modules / connectors) and false module replacement

Detection Capabilities:
• Circuit failure:
–   Single-circuit disconnect (CAN+ or CAN-)
–   Double-circuit disconnections
–   Shorts between CAN+ to CAN- circuits
–   Shorts between CAN+ to Gnd or CAN- to Gnd (vehicle body)
–   Floating ground
• Persistence (Static) circuit failure
• Intermittent (Dynamic) circuit failure (<20ms)
• Prognosis capabilities (detection of intermittent events before connector is fully unseated)
• Module failure

Method of operation: The Buffalo hardware tool connects to a computer, using a standard USB connection, and to the vehicle via the OBDII connector. The Buffalo software provides a simple yet detailed graphical view of the vehicle network topology, pinpoints the fault location, and provides data logs of of previous faults.


Buffalo uses the Sital Passive TDR Technology (pTDR) propriety technology.



SpyTDR A light utility tool designed to seamlessly detect intermittent wiring faults while vehicles are in motion.

“No Trouble Found” (NTF) cases are the most complex, frustrating and costly fault cases. In most times,

NTF cases result from an intermittent wiring fault. This is because the wiring system is responsible for all data that passes through its physical layer and software data layers. While driving, once a wire is disconnected, other data running within the vehicle is not transmitted properly. In essence, a faulty wire causes other transmitted data to “shout” simultaneously. This results in an array of different vehicle faults, which origin is manually impossible to detect. That’s why NTF cases account for a significant percentage of faults found in vehicles. Customers keep returning to the service area for an additional lengthy trouble shoot and repair, while often unnecessary units are disassembled and replaced.

How applied:
SpyTDR is a small tool designed to deal with those exactly No Trouble Found cases. At service areas, SpyTDR is placed within the vehicle, plugged to the OBD-II connector. This allows the driver to continue driving the vehicle normally.

While driving, once a wiring fault occurs, SpyTDR detects and records it. The SpyTDR light would switch from green to red, indicating to the driving that a fault is detected and he/she should then go back to service.

Once in service, the technician removes SpyTDR from the OBD-II connector and connects it to his computer. The SpyTDR data log would pinpoint the source and location of the wiring fault that occurred, allowing the technician to quickly repair the right fault.

SpyTDR benefits:
• Improves customer satisfaction
• Reduces “No-Trouble-Found” cases
• Reduces false module replacement
• Reduces service and repair time
• Reduce unnecessary vehicle disassembly

SpyTDR uses the Sital Passive TDR Technology (pTDR) propriety technology.



New from Sital labs:

Real Time and in Motion bypass of faulty wires.
Enables your drivers to continue driving the vehicle, even with a disconnected wire.
Your drivers can smoothly drive to their chosen service location.

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