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    About us

Our Vision

We see a world in full motion, where technology faults do not occur. As land, air and sea vessels become smarter, they transmit more data, giving rise to increased number of faults.  Wiring faults that occur while vessels such as aircrafts, ships, automobiles are in motion, are more than an inconvenience, they are show stoppers and even life threatening. Our aim is to bring any technology fault to heal itself in real time so that life is continuous.

Sital labs

Sital Labs is where ingenuity gives life to new technologies. Sital Labs’ aim is to attain maximum motion in vehicles, vessels, and aircrafts . Our engineerings foresee and predict how motion can be flawless, even in extreme conditions. Some of our newest products (still in Beta) offer Cyber security for vehicles, in motion wireless bypass, aerospace fault detection IP cores.


Sital’s proficiency has been built up over 20+ years. The founders are veterans of the Israeli Air Force and are experts in Mil-Std 1553 and other bus applications. Working with F15 and F16 military avionics and numerous applications, Sital extended its world-class expertise to commercial and other military aircraft via myriad challenging and highly-successful projects whose results are installed and operating today on thousands of aircraft around the world.

Expanding project by project, Sital took on-board additional skilled hardware and software engineers with expertise in bus applications and related disciplines. Along with the projects it was undertaking, Sital developed IP cores for FPGAs and other components and devices for state-of-the-art bus applications.

When Mil-Std-1553 went into outer space with NASA, Sital extended its capabilities into aerospace applications. Today, space vehicles from North America and Europe are benefiting from the high-performance and robust hardware and software produced by the company.

Working with leading automotive manufacturers, Sital has applied its avionics and aerospace expertise to the rapidly-growing automobile-bus market. CAN bus applications are making major advances based on Sital’s extraordinary ability to apply its capabilities and products to the ever-increasing demands of automotive bus applications.