MultiComBox™: Mil-STD-1553/PP194/H009 Bus Tester


USB 2.0 to Mil-Std-1553/PP194/H009 Bus Tester and test software


The TST1553USB unit provides full MIL-STD-1553B test, simulation and bus analysis capability in a compact self-contained unit.
It connects via a USB 2.0 interface to any host systems.
The TST1553USB supports concurrent Bus Controller (BC) and up to 31 Remote Terminals (RT) with Bus Monitor (MT).
Full error injection capability is available in BC and RT modes, with full error detection in BC, RT and MT modes.
The unit is supplied with C Driver library, together with an optional Windows GUI, providing a user-friendly software tool for all 1553 set-ups, data management and storage.

Feature Summary:
Two channels Mil-Std-1553B Bus tester
Suitable for any MIL-STD-1553 BC, RT, MT testing· USB 2.0 interface to PC, Allows real time tester control
Optional 4 channels of RS-422 for additional testing capabilities
Works on USB power. No need for external power source
Multiple RT simulation (up to 31 RTs)
Loop-back & Live mode generates live RT data
Programmable Status word and Mode Code
Error injection and detection
Time tagging for each message
Message Scheduling changeable in real time
Data and Status words changeable in real time
New and compact Rate-Mode message-per-frame scheduling
Optional MuxView® software for traffic generation and analysis
Optional RTs’ analog connection status reporting
Call back driver functions