Luthier™: A user-friendly Mil-Std-1553 software tool for creating 1553 communications

The Luthier™ application is a user-friendly GUI based software tool which operates one of Sital’s MIL-STD-1553 devices in either Bus Controller (BC), Remote Terminal (RT) or Monitor Terminal (MT) mode.

Luthier is provided with Sital’s IP cores, boards and components, and can serve as system development tool, testing Mil-Std-1553 environment or evaluating Sital’s boards.


Luthier™ provides the following features:

BC controls:
All MIL-STD-1553B message formats
Easy message editing and setup
Broadcast and all Mode Codes support
Single frame or Major-Minor frame communication
Major-Minor frame editor
Continuous, single or N times run
Status report
Error analysis & report
Commands & Status bits decoding

RT controls:
SW based RT address setup
Separate tables for all sub-address transmit and receive data
Easy data editing for transmitted data
Ability to filter out messages
Activity led for transmit & receive of messages

Monitor controls:
Real-time monitoring
Message rate detection
Error analysis & report
Status bits decoding
Ability to filter out messages
Activity led for messages transmission