PCI – 2 x 1553 channels PCI board

Two x 1553 channels PCI board For RT, BC and Monitor applications and developmentFeature Summary:


P-Orchestra™ is a two channels Mil-Std-1553B board, which includes Bus Controller (BC), Remote Terminal (RT) and Monitor (MT) in each channel. The board can be used as a hardware and software development kit for Sital’s IP cores, or for Minuet™ components.

P-Orchestra™ channels are software compatible to DDC® Enhanced MiniACE® components and architecture, with 8K word of internal RAM for Module 0 and 16K word of internal RAM for Module 1.

P-Orchestra™ is provided with software drivers for Windows, Linux and QNX, along with high-level API, which ease application development.

Sital’s Luthier™ program for 1553 bus simulation and analysis is also provided. This software includes an advanced GUI (Graphical User Interface) for controlling the board, generating 1553 traffic, monitoring and emulating a real bus environment.

Feature Summary:
MIL-STD-1553B Notice 2 compliant terminals.
Software compatible to DDC® Enhanced MiniACE® architecture.
2 x dual-redundant channels.
8K and 16K Word RAM per channel.
PCI Bus interface.
Provided with software API for Windows, Linux, QNX and Windows GUI for easy operation.
Low power consumption.
Bootable RT option required for MIL-STD-1760.
Simultaneous RT/MT Mode.
Very Low cost.

P-Orchestra™ Functionality
Each module is designed as a general purpose PCI bus based module of Mil-Std-1553 communication channels.

Provided Software

Drivers, API
All Sital boards are provided with drivers for Windows, Linux and a high level API, which is provided as source code.

Luthier™ software is a Windows application, which enables testing and verifying basic operation of the board and 1553 connections.
It enables the user to configure the channels as BC, RT or Monitor, define 1553 messages and frames, monitor the traffic on the bus and validate the correct operation of the board.
This easy-to-operate program also provides information about energy reflections on the 1553 bus, which are caused by bad connections or lack of terminations.


Flexible Configuration
V-Orchestra™ boards are based on FPGA, and Sital’s proven 1553 IP cores and transceivers. This combination provides flexibility in configuration, modes of operation and features. Users can request different configurations such as combination of single and dual-redundancy channels, data transfer from one channel to another (1553 repeater functionality), and even support for other protocols such as H009 and PP194.
Please contact Sital for details.


MIL-STD-1553B Notice 2.
DDC® Enhanced MiniACE® software drivers.
PCI Bus, Half size card.


Industrial grade: -40C to +85C.
5 to 90% relative humidity (non-condensing).


3.3 VDC, 2W while all channels transmitting at same time.

Available Configurations

2 x Dual-Redundant Mil-Std-1553B channels with 8K and 16K word RAM per channel.
One Dual-Redundant Mil-Std-1553B channel with 16K word RAM.

Provided Software

API – High-level libraries with source code included – Operating systems supported: Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Linux, QNX and other operating systems.
GUI – Luthier™ for 1553 bus simulation and analysis.


P-Orchestra™ Boards

PN: BRD1553PCI-2:
2 x Mil-Std-1553B channels.
8K and 16K word RAM per channel.
PN: BRD1553PCI-1:
One x Mil-Std-1553B dual-redundant channel.
16K word RAM per channel.
Special configuraions can be made for customers. Please contact Sital.


4 x Triax connectors


Software Drivers and API for Windows, Linux, QNX or Source Code can be provided for other RTOS.
“Luthier” Com Builder, Software for 1553 Scenario definition and test.

Warranty, Support

3 years limited hardware warranty.
1 year technical support, including free software upgrades.