OCTAVA: MIL-STD-1553B BC/RT/MT Protocol engine device

MIL-STD-1553B Notice 2 Bus Controller, Remote Terminal, Bus monitor Device, Compatible with DDC® MiniACE®

The OCTAVA™ family integrate Mil-Std-1553 protocol engine, a dual 5-volt transceiver, memory management, processor interface logic and 4K or 64K words of RAM in a 72 pin Plastic Quad Flat Pack (PQFP) package.
The family contains internal address latches and bi-directional data buffers to provide a direct interface to a host processor bus. The memory management scheme for RT mode provides three data structures for buffering incoming and outgoing data. Combined with the extensive interrupt capability, these structures serve to ensure data consistency while off-loading the host processor.

The devices can optionally boot-up as RT with the busy bit set for 1760 applications. The BC mode implements several features aimed at providing an efficient real time software interface to the host processor including automatic retries, programmable inter-message gap times or message rate, automatic frame repetition and flexible interrupt generation.

The OCTAVA™ devices are pin-to-pin replacement devices for the DDC® BU-65178 and BU-61688. These replacements offer a software and electrical compatible solution. A board designed with the DDC® BU-65178 and BU-61688 can work seamlessly with the OCT-65178 and OCT-61688 without hardware or software changes.

OCTAVA™ is introduced in partnership with National Hybrid Inc. (NHi), who designed the transceiver and manufactures the device in USA.

Feature Summary:
Fully integrated Mil-Std-1553 noitce 2 compliant terminal
Second source for DDC® MiniACE®
Flexible processor/memory interface
4K x16, 8K x16, 64K x 16 shared RAM
5V only option
Simultaneous RT/MT mode
Bootable RT option required for Mil-Std-1760
Automatic BC retries
Programmable illegalization
Operates from 12, 16 or 20 MHz
72 pins PQFP 1.3 square inch package

Back End Interface
Includes DDC® Enhanced MINI-ACE® interface, compatible with existing drivers and applications.

No need to rewrite drivers’ code
Eliminates replacement risk

* DDC® and MINI-ACE® are registered trademarks of Data Device Corporation, Bohemia, NY, USA. There is not any affiliation between Data Device Corporation and Sital technology, Ltd.