BRM1553PCI: Mil-STD-1553B BC/RT/MT with PCI interface IP Core for FPGA

MIL-STD-1553B Notice 2 Bus Controller, Remote Terminal, Bus monitor with PCI interafce IP Core for FPGA and ASIC Devices
The BRM1553PCI IP Core is suitable for any Mil-Std-1553 implementation. The core incorporates a backend logic that arranges the messages in a predefined memory structure, which simplifies the interface between the 1553 bus and the local CPU. The BRM1553PCI core can act as a full replacement (2nd source) for DDC® Micro-Ace® devices as the data is arranged in the same way and back-end interface is compatible to PCI.

Feature Summary:
Mil-Std-1553 Intellectual Property for FPGAs and ASIC
Suitable for any MIL-STD-1553 BC, RT, MT implementation
Compatible to Enhanced DDC® Mini-Ace® interface and functionality, works with existing software drivers
33/66MHz PCI back-end interface
Supports PCI Burst mode
Small FPGA area utilization
Up to 4 x 1553 cores with a single PCI interface
Modular architecture allowing flexible implementations
Provided with full verification environment
Passed full RT validation testing by 3rd party
Based on vendor and technology independent VHDL code

Back End Interface
Includes DDC’s® Micro-ACE® interface over PCI, compatible with existing drivers and applications.

No need to rewrite drivers’ code
Eliminates replacement risk

The IP core includes a full PCI target interface.

PCI specification 2.3 compliant
33MHz performance (66MHz optional)
32 bit datapath
Zero wait states burst mode
Full Target functionality

Gate Count
Sital’s BRM1553PCI requires very small space from FPGA for complex applications.
The following table shows examples of the area usage, in different FPGA devices:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.19.53 AM

Manchester Decoder
The unique Manchester decoder can work with any even clock frequency from 12Mhz and up to reduce clock sources and clock domains on board (reduces EMI/RFI).
Advanced algorithms for filtering out noise and disturbances enable the core to operate in harsh environments.

Sital Technology’s 1553 BC core connects to any standard transceiver-transformer pair. The core was fully validated with a 3rd party dual transceiver.

* DDC® and Micro-ACE® are registered trademarks of Data Device Corporation, Bohemia, NY, USA. There is not any affiliation between Data Device Corporation and Sital technology, Ltd.